The kick off of the wondrous world of Nebula Realms

What is Nebula Realms

Most of you probably know Nebula Realms as a social console game, just like Playstation Home was until it was shut down in 2015. 

Nebula Realms is a free to play online 3D interactive world where players create their own avatar and socialize with others, play games, explore and customize personal spaces. This game was created in 2015 by an independent company situated in England called Kovok LTD. The original idea was a game called Project Nebula that was meant to be created for the PlayStation 4.

The logo of Project Nebula, 2015

The inspiration behind creating a game like Nebula Realms was the PS Home community. Kovok was creating content for PS Home until it was shut down, but wanted to create something to offer to the fanbase.

Over time Kovok staff moved over to Spain and later became Xaloc Studios – an independent game development studio situated in Mallorca. Xaloc Studios now consists of over 30 developers and is consistently working on improving Nebula Realms.

How it all started

In 2015, Kovok was formed by only two people – Joan Pons and Sergio Morillo, both from Spain. Creating content for PS Home, the team was very aware of the community that was formed over time and wanted to give the community something that would keep them connected. The idea was to create a game with similar principle – an online social game, but for the Playstation 4.

Old Kovok logo, 2014

The dream was to make a game that would offer a relaxing place for everyone to enjoy with their friends or meet people from the comfort of their own home. Project Nebula was first released in the US in fall 2015.

As Nebula Realms was becoming more popular, the team was slowly growing.

Screenshot from Project Nebula

As of today, there are thousands of people actively engaging on all social media platforms from the game.

Nebula Realms went through many graphic changes, upgrades, events and  frequent updates with new content for the fans to enjoy. The game is free to play and offers a lot of new content to customize avatars and personal spaces with thematic collections of attire and home decorations. The game currency is called Nebula Crystals but there is also a way to earn XP points by playing mini games solo or with friends to exchange them for extra content.

Since the game has been released, the team is constantly working on improvements in the game even though there are other games and projects Xaloc is working on.

Current situation

Current logo of Nebula Realms

Xaloc Studios currently has over 30 developers and we keep growing. There are separated teams working on different parts of Nebula to keep improving the game so everyone can enjoy Nebula Realms without complications.

It is available for PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 consoles and currently the PC version has been released. Meanwhile the team is creating more content and collections for future updates to offer more for the players.

Screenshot from Nebula Realms, 2021

Any updates or changes are being posted to Nebula Realms social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to inform everyone beforehand. You can also check the social media platforms to see screenshots, gameplay videos, in game events, new collections teasers and much more!