Nebula Realms Remaster Update – What is new?

What is Nebula Realms Remaster?

We have been working very hard for the past few months to create a new, stable version of Nebula Realms free of most of the bugs and glitches, blue screens and to improve the game visually. The reason is to create a solid base we can later work on, from creating new content to adding more features and minigames.

Current Nebula Realms logo

There have been slight graphic changes such as new logos, banners and UI in the game to keep Nebula Realms modern and minimal. You might have noticed from our social media profiles.

Old Nebula Realms 

Updated Nebula Realms 

Not only does it look better, but it also feels better! The gameplay is now smoother, runs faster, and has an updated UI that looks very sleek and modern. 

New chat and interaction UI 

Along with this, we decided to port Nebula Realms to Steam to allow PC gamers to join us. This version is, of course, crossplay – meaning you can join the same servers from PlayStation or PC. The only difference is a tiny Nebula icon next to your name, to differentiate the players on the server.  To enter the game, you can either download it from the PlayStation store or Steam on your PC. 

Nebula Realms is and always will be free to play! No matter what platform you play on, you can connect to play with your friends from over the world any time. 

New loading screen 

Very important – loading screens! If you have playtested the beta with us, you might have noticed that the loading screens are now way shorter. This was one of our main concerns to create a more pleasant experience for our players. If you haven’t playtested the beta with us, make sure you keep up with us on social media so you won’t miss it next time! Trying out the beta with our community is very important as we collect any type of feedback to create the best version of Nebula Realms. Re-working the current game is a very lengthy process but it allows us to be more creative in terms of content, new public spaces and features. 

We are very grateful for our community that helps us in any way possible. We take any chance to ask our players what kind of content they would like to see and we try to apply it to the game as accurately as possible. Thanks to the new version, we have a little more space for our creativity so don’t stop sending us your suggestions! 

Porting Nebula Realms to PC, we have also created a new Steam page where you can wishlist the game:

Any updates of the game or upcoming events will be posted there or to our social media, so make sure you keep up!