Behind the scenes of creating content for Nebula Realms

You can choose from thousands of different items for your avatar and your personal spaces in Nebula Realms in the game store. But what is the inspiration behind our content, collections and events? 

We try to give Nebula Realms the maximum of new content possible – whether that is a new clothing collection, Halloween personal space or theme furniture. Content like this is being planned months ahead to make sure we have enough time to perfect all the details before it is released and available to purchase in the game. We have a skilled team of artists that are very good at what they do and love delivering content for the community.

The inspiration behind new content comes from the community suggestions or popular trends from new movies to viral content. We always add a little spice to make sure everyone enjoys something from the new collections. We try to follow recent trends to keep up with everything and to make sure Nebula Realms offers a lot to choose from.

Everything starts with a name – we try to keep it as original as possible for everyone to be excited to see the new collection. Most of the newest shop thumbnails are drawn by hand by one of our very skilled artists. There is a lot of thought put into every detail into it as much as the content itself.

Once the content is planned out, our artist team gets to work to make the idea reality. Every purchasable content has its own story and feeling. When creating the Halloween collection 2021 called Egregore, it took the artist almost two months to finish the personal space so that it is perfect for the eerie, spooky feel of Halloween nights. 

Clothing items are always consulted before finishing to make sure they are all executed as planned. Every piece of clothing is being tested on an avatar to see if everything works looks as it should – from earrings to long robes.

Once the whole collection is completed, everything is put together to make sure there is enough content for both genders or enough furnishing to decorate the new personal spaces. We use social media to communicate with the players to let them know what is coming and to get feedback so we can improve in the future. Our goal is to keep making content that most of our players will enjoy and to listen to everyone’s suggestions for future content to keep everyone satisfied so we can all enjoy playing Nebula Realms together.

The best feeling is seeing everyone enjoying the new collections and showcasing them by making Youtube videos, Instagram posts, collages or just simply sharing screenshots of their avatar with us on Twitterª 🙂

Remember, any ideas or suggestions you would like to see in the game are welcome! Leave them on our social media, contact us or speak to our CAs that deliver the messages to us directly!