Hand Apparel

Glow Batons
I've always liked walking around with glowing sticks in my hands for some reason. They would glow and pulse forever and ever..
Kind of makes you stand out from the rest of the crew. :roll:
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GlowBaton2.png (28.49 KiB) Viewed 663 times
Would be nice to see them come back!
Lets have a RAVE PARTY people!

Thanks for reading,
More ideas coming soon..


Hand-items you would like to see for your avatar...

...like a briefcase...(a nice guy asked me to put this idea here in the forum) *wink* @J.J. ;)

...or like this one: (Handcuffed Briefcase) just an example...
YourPSHome.net / Archive (click here!) :P

maybe y'all have a few cool ideas what the avis can hold in their hands?!

We already got nice hand-items like the bat from the Halloween-Shop! Or the gloves...from the tactical outfit...

What about a racquet (Tennis / Squash etc.) ? ...or a golf club ? :D

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