Re: Announcements And Patches

Hi there!

We are sorry but the update is not ready yet, we will work hard during the weekend and hopefully release it on Monday.
Among many fixes, it will also contain a small St. Patricks event and the Leal 3 content.

We have included some extremely ripped jeans to the Leal 3 update

Re: Announcements And Patches

I absolutely am not the most important person in the world, but in my humble opinion you should be less concerned about new content: yes, there's a small part of players that simply live for new things (I'm a great fan of your works, it's obvious I can't wait to see what's boiling in Xaloc pot!), but the majority of us is well conscious that you're doing more than your best to try and offer a perfect service.
Maybe Nebula it's not perfect yet, but I'm very sure it will be soon: your dedition to the project it's truly remarkable, and I'm ready to bet it will become one of the best V-R social places, if not the best.
Don't be scared to not release tons of new things every day: those who really want a great game experience are clever enough to understand your need and won't press for new things when you're trying so hard to make all work perfectly! ;)
Of course, it's just my opinion... but I do think it's the same of lots of fond players who really believe in your abilities. Don't give up! :)

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