Follow these guidelines before posting suggestions [Please Read!]

Hello everyone :)
Sometimes its not possible to visualize some of the content, games, ideas and suggestions posted so it would be great if when posting suggestions you could (if possible):

1. Give a good description of the items/spaces/games/lmos/animations/customization/ect requested
2. Title of suggestion should always clearly express what your idea/suggestion is and not a generic title such as: "My ideas" "My suggestions" or "LMO". If what you are suggesting is a Winter Holiday Space then It should say "Winter Holiday Space" in the title as an example.
3. Use visual aids such as pictures to demonstrate your idea/suggestion and resize pictures when possible.
4. Each suggestion should have its own thread with a description and visuals (if possible). It makes it easy for the devs to find specific suggestions instead of scouring multiple threads to find specific ideas.
5. Do not create multiple threads about the same thing, multiple suggestions of similar content should be put in 1 thread. Example: Hair styles - all suggestions for hair styles should be in one post (any threads that are similar will be merged together or deleted w/o notice).
6. Post anything that is part of the wardrobe sections (e.g. top, bottoms, leggings, shoes, ect) in Clothing. Any customization suggestions go in avatar customizations, such as skin tones, hairstyles, tattoos, chest hair, beards, ect.

Note: Please dont assume that since the devs came from Home they know all of the items/spaces that existed in Home so following these guidelines would definetly help the developers understand and also find ideas in this forum. Thanks for reading and Happy Posting :D

Edit: Posts not in the proper section of the forum, duplicate threats, improper title or posts with misinformation will be deleted.

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