Re: VALENTINES DAY 2018 Suggestions

I would like to suggest that there be decorations as well as a temporary Valentines Day Game.

Perhaps a few kissing booth sofas spread out around the Nexus where only two avatars can sit down on them. When the two avatars sit down on a Nebula Realms Valentines Day Sofa, an animated saying may pop up with hearts that float up. Perhaps having a few different sayings that can be available to make it different each time two people sit on the sofas.

Just a suggestion.

Re: 2018 VALENTINES DAY Suggestions

I'd like to see this, as well as perhaps a candy gram type gift that could be sent to friends by gathering materials throughout nebula like the Christmas event, with the added option of valentine gifts for purchase.
Maybe if I just casually talk about clubs and clubhouses here, they'll come out faster.

Re: 2018 VALENTINES DAY Suggestions

A funny game could be a Compatibility Test: two players can try their affinity going on a sort of giant weight scale... that would be nice!
The couple with the highest affinity percentage could be crowned Nebula Perfect Couple or something similar, with a nice accessory (a little crown, a floating heart,...).

I like the "Candy" game: maybe someone has spread all around the petals of a rose, with the classic "loves me - not loves me", and we have to find all the petals in order to restore the original rose; the same could be done with chocolates or heart balloons... or simply floating heart icons! Reward items could be... heart-shape glasses, rose in hand, chocolate box in hand, Cupid wings and/or bow and arrow,...

Wait - another idea! lol
We could be in charge by Cupid himself: our mission is to shoot with the Love Arrows a certain number of people (I was thinking about something that involves the people in that space too, but I think it could be hard to do in so short time...)!

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