Re: Closet for Wardrobe

Nice idea! I love the existing "nebula theme", but it's too dark sometimes (expecially in the shop, I can barely see what I try if the outfit is in a dark colour).
Maybe we could also have a sort of dressing room in our apartment: we could step in and enter in the "wardrobe menu"!
Plus, I've just had this idea... our friends could step in with us and try our dresses to see if they like them! It's not like the shop, which let you try just one item, it's more like if you've actually got those outfits. Of course, it won't let you take them away, but you can choose to buy them (in bundle, why not) just selecting them!
I see it's not as easy as I (tried to) explain, but I think it would be cool! :D

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