Is it possible to change the loading wheel to a progress bar (loading bar?)

Because I find a loading wheel doesn't really indicate at what percentage the game has loaded in, but with a progress bar (loading bar) you can see where it's at and promptly screen capture it if it continues to get stuck at a certain area and report the issue to support.
With a loading wheel you can't really do that... You can only report the issue saying you can't get in, and that really doesn't give much information to the support team at all.
If a user or users see a loading wheel, they can’t see any progress and don’t know if the games even loading up at all. This gives them no incentive to wait. Meaning if it takes too long for the game to load up they'll promptly close the application (game) and stop playing it.

I am aware that Nebula did have a progress bar (loading bar) at some point in time, but replacing it with a loading wheel seemed kind of a step backwards in my opinion.
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Re: Is it possible to change the loading wheel to a progress bar (loading bar?)

Interesting Soul...

I think with the progression of Nebula Realms, that's not going to be an issue or concern. We should be able to log into the game within' the amount of time needed just like any other game that is played on the PS4 console. Actually, I can log into Nebula Realms faster than one of my video games that I am currently playing.

But, I always liked progress bars better too.
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