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I'm sure interactive picture frames will be added to furniture items sooner or later, but what I'm not understanding is HOW they will work in Nebula Realms.

Currently, the PS4 does not allow uploading or downloading to and from the internal storage, similar to how the PS3 functioned with media. Which was exactly how Sony enabled adding custom pictures to Home's picture frames; by clicking on the frame and uploading your photos straight from the internal hard drive.

With this not being the case on the PS4, I was thinking perhaps it would be possible for the devs to integrate the Capture Gallery into Nebula Realms. Clicking on a picture frame could prompt the Capture Gallery to open, where you could choose from and select the picture you wish to add to the frame. Alternatively, perhaps the devs could link the frames to a file hosting site on the web or some cloud server, where photos can be stored. Then there's Sony's PlayMemories Online photo gallery application.

In any case, I sincerely hope this is possible.

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Re: Picture Frames


This is high on my list as well.

In Home I wanted a gallery space...JUST for photos to show off. For instance, 75 wall pics and perhaps 25 furniture. We were able to upload JPEGS.

I would eventually love to see Nebula have furniture and up loadable photo frames in our apt/spaces for us artists to show off our talent.

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Re: Picture Frames

This is one of the things I miss most from Home. There were several style frames to choose from and they were all great.
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I would like to see something like these added. But like Shadow suggested, I would hope for a link to Memory gallery or a cloud server somewhere.
If not it will be very disappointing not to be able to use our own photos and art.

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