Reporting Disruptive Players: Please Read!

Currently there is no reporting system in Nebula Realms to report disruptive players, but you can still report disruptive players directly to the devs by emailing: until a reporting system is added in a patch/update. Make sure to include the following:

1. A description of what occurred with screen shots of the occurrence - Although we would like to take every person at their word we can't just go off of that, this is due to potentially suspending an account(s) when people file false reports.

Keep in mind most issues can be resolved by silencing or blocking disruptive/annoying players. General rules for reporting:

* Please only report extreme issues of harassment with racial slurs, homophobic remarks or hate speech.
* Targeted defamatory comments towards a player, staff or company (This is considered blacklisting).
* Posting of personal information (e.g. ip addresses, user names, home address, phone numbers, ect).

Thank you for making Nebula Realms a great and safe place for everyone to enjoy! :)

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