Reporting Issues, bugs and glitches: Please Read!


All issues, bugs and glitches should be reported directly to the devs via email to:
Please add the following when emailing the devs:
1. Your PSN id - This is needed to look into the account that is having issues.
2. A description of the issues, bug or glitch - Take a moment to write in a 1 or 2 sentences stating what exactly is happening such as the issue, error, or glitch with any other relevant information that could possibly help pin point the problem.

If you gifted any item(s) we would need the PSN id that gifted the item, the PSN id that received the item and the name of the item gifted.
If your freezing include your PSN id, area your freezing, if you were playing a game when it happened, ect.
If you bought a crystal pack and you didn't receive the crystals make sure to include your PSN id and the Sony receipt.

Please keep in mind that in most cases you may not get a reply from the devs. The idea is to make them aware that there is an issue and not expect a personal fix/reply from them unless they feel they need more information from you. YOU! the community can help us make Nebula Realms as great as it can be by reporting bugs to the development team. Thank you for reporting and your continued support ;)

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