Patches and Updates

Servers are up!
Patch 1.24 has been applied

*MiniGolf NP added
*Improved loading times
*Fixed private space creation
*Improved server speed
*Fixed a bug with the avatar creation displaying only the name
*Fixed player constant disconnect
*Fixed beach bay floor collider
*Fixed a bug with Summer hats (male)
*Fixed a bug with Versa Bikinis
*Fixed Arcade Love Tights bug
*Fixed a bug with the NP charged per object
*Now, presets names in editor will not overlay the UI
*Content added (Summer Vibes)
*Private chat bug fixing


Patch 1.25 is Now Live!

Servers up! Patch 1.25 Has been applied!

Another mini-game has arrived at Nebula Realms!
Many of you were asking about this and we are glad to introduce a Bowling game to the Nebula Realms universe!
Gather you friends and play a game! Yes, it's multiplayer, and yes, it's FREE!

Patch notes:
-Fixed a bug with Glowing Sunglasses (female)
-Added Bowling Game
-Added "Space Users" Tab inside the Social tab
-Improved frame rate
-Now only friends can join the personal space
-Added sound fx to shop UI
-Freezing issues reduced
-Menu wheel cancel option added
-Menu options disabled while user is swimming
-Improved server stability
-Fixed a bug with the private chat
-Fixed a bug with the female sitting animations
-Added idle animations
-Added talking animations
-Added new gestures
-New content added (Strike Again)
-Fixed a bug with Bellver blouses

Patch known bugs and issues (to be fixed in 1.26)
-Female Blow Kiss animation does not trigger in the Bowling Alley
-Bowling game does not generate NP

Like always, report bugs and issues to

To share is to care! ;)
That's all for now, have a nice Friday! :D

Further information:

New feature- "Space Users"
No need to chase a troll to block it, save your energies to play Bowling!
We have added a "Space Users" option inside the "Social" tab accessible when pressing triangle. Now you will be able to block/silence users from a list of the Public Space users.

Animations added!
When you chat the avatar will trigger "conversation" animations and when it's chilling out it will trigger idle ones.
We have also fixed the "weird" seating of the female avatar and added TWO NEW GESTURES, Wave and Blow Kiss!

New content - Strike Again!
We have added some dedicated Bowling content to celebrate the launching of the Bowling game. Animated leggings and head items, T-shirts, trousers, bowling sneakers, tattoos and a male Hairstyle! Check it out!

Patch known bugs and issues:

Female Blow Kiss animation does not trigger in the Bowling Alley
Bowling game does not generate NP

Thank you for your support <3 That's all for now!

Xaloc Team

Patch 1.26 is now live

Patch notes:
- New feature added: Shop Preview
- Now the "Blow Kiss" gesture also works in the Bowling Alley
- Minigolf minor bugs fixing
- Bowling game NP added
- Fixed bowling game bugs
- Unable to block MODs & CAs from Space User tab
- Shops Updated "INK studio" and "Threads"

Did you know that we updated "Threads" shop with a suggestion of a forum user? :)

Disclaimer about Shop Preview:
- Shop Preview is limited for technical reasons and does not work for Body Paintings, Hats, Tights and Earrings.
- Shop Preview will only display the clothing of the gender that you are playing at the moment you enter the shop.

That's all for now, thanks a lot for playing Nebula Realms!

Patch 1.27 is now live

Patch 1.27 is up!

For this patch, we have a bunch of (FREE) new animations, gestures, poses, and dances!
Also! A new feature "Take Picture", just press R2 to use the camera

Patch notes:
-Fixed a bug with "Black Tights" and "Black full ripped Tights"
-Fixed shop minor bugs
-Fixed bowling game turns
-Fixed a bug with the beach seats
-Camera FX improved
-Improved stability
-Improved frame rate
-Reduced freezing
-Improved poses animations
-Added poses animations
-Added 2 new dance animations
-Changed "casual" dance animation
-Added a gesture
-Added "Take Picture" feature (R2)

That's all for now, thanks a lot for playing and supporting Nebula Realms!

Like always, send any bug or game issue to

Xaloc HQ

Patch 1.28 is up!

Patch 1.28 is up!
Check out all the new stuff and changes in Nebula Realms!
A New Plaza! More cozy and nice, all the entrances for spaces are closer now :)
Also, a new game, dedicated torso slot, more content, fixes and more!
Full patch notes here:
- New plaza added
- New game added "ChronoRace"
- Now "The Dome" is a separate public space
- New content added "Back to School V2"
- Leaderboards for games added
- Overall lighting improved
- Fixed random game freezes
- Added dedicated slot for torso apparel in editor
- Added previous animations for casual dances (Casual 2)
- Added previous model pose for (Model3)
- Now the music plays in loading screens
Xaloc Team

Re: Patches and Updates

Patch is up!
Full patch notes here:
- New content added "Monster Party"
- Awesome new Dome lighting and FX
- Improved server stability
- Faster server join system
- Instance cue information added
- Chronorace rewards added
- Chat bug fixing
Also its Double NP weekend starting tomorrow :)
Xaloc Team

Re: Patches and Updates

Hi there!
An update is coming soon and with this update, we included (among many other cool "things" 🎃) a remap for the control that we believe is more intuitive :)
- Now, the "quick chat" is the triangle button
- Now, the "side menu" is in the "options" button

Patch 1.30 is now Live!

Hi there!
A spooky update has arrived to Nebula Realms!
Like always, we keep improving the game adding new features and content! Let's get started!
Update notes:
- More intuitive gamepad controls
- Space navigation feature system added (who was asking for this?)
- Camera Speed slider control added (and this?)
- Chat bugs fixed
- Hand objects feature added (more customization!)
- Zombie dance added 🧟‍♀️
- Scare / Fear gestures added
- Halloween dedicated space added (until 1st of November)
- Halloween game-event added (until 1st of November)
- Creating Players bug fixed
- Monster Party v2 added
Please remember that the controls will be a bit different now!
- Quick chat button is triangle now
- Pressing "options" will open the side menu
As we have a dedicated Halloween space now, we have removed the nexus decorations until the 29th of October

Patch 1.31 is up!

Patch is up! We are not releasing content this time, only features and fixes
Patch notes:
- Nexus & Beach Day/Night Cycle
- Server optimization
- Join / leave friend notification
- Added PSN friends
- In game report system
- In game notice of server shut down
- Fixed beach seats
- Fixed LeafPark benches
Xaloc Team

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