Update 148 is Now Live!

Hi there!

We have released a very exciting patch today!
A new BIG feature has been added, the Personal Space decoration is now available! We will add furniture and apartments to the Shop soon ;)

Patch list:
- Personal space decoration feature added!
- Black bubbles fixed
- Companions tab added in Shop
- Content added, Juggernaut pets
- Content added, Medusa shop updated (<- Check this for some free hairstyles!)
- Female shoes fixed
- Server improvements

Please report bugs to support@xalocstudios.com


Patch 1.50 is now live

Hi there!

A new game update is available to download!
In this patch we have fixed a lot of bugs, added more default furniture to decorate the apartment, updated Medusa and Juggernaut Pets and released a new shop "Accessories"

Full patch notes:

- Medusa shop updated
- Accessories shop released
- Juggernaut pets shop updated
- Added more default furniture
- Fixed male twisted leg bug
- Camera preview fixed
- Joining friends feature fixed
- Bowling game issues fixed
- Pool multiplayer fixed
- Beach environment interactions fixed
- Fixed a bug with the personal space furniture slots
- Server improvements
- Fixed a bug with the chess tables seats
- Synchronization after exit the wardrobe fixed
- Fixed login and connection issues
- Fixed several clothing items
- Improved companions behaviour animations
- Now the companions do not collide with the avatar

Report bugs to support@xalocstudios.com

Have a very nice weekend :)

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