Club Tasks/Challenges

Although this suggestion is not for a specific club space, it is for a functionality in all club spaces as a whole.

While clubs in Playstation Home were fun, and certainly had their uses, they were still regularly empty and without any unique, enticing appeal aside from exclusivity. The other trouble of course being, that it can be difficult to organize and have club events with all members at once. With that in mind, my suggestion is that of a system in which clubs can reward players individually, and as a group with nebula points, and club points for performing certain tasks!

Much like the Playstation Home "Quest Board", clubs could use a Task Board including challenges that can be completed by individuals, and challenges that require a group effort! Just as a few examples:
  • Field a bowling game with 4 members of your club in order to award all participants with x amount of points
  • Have any number of club members contribute to a group score of chrono racer/archery/pinball/etc. points tallied for the week, receiving x amount of points per milestone
  • Spend x amount of time in clubhouse to receive x amount of points (does not stack with normal NR time spent point allotment), amount increases with each additional member.
  • Perform club chore(s) to recieve x amount of points (cleaning/maintaining clubhouse, running clubhouse bar, assisting in the building of new club items/decorations, etc.
It would be fantastic to see a way for individual members to really contribute to a communal fund, called "club points" here, which could only be obtained by club activities, to be used for unlocking further clubhouse decorations and items.

Further ideas and suggestions are also welcome!
Maybe if I just casually talk about clubs and clubhouses here, they'll come out faster.

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