I would suggest a park similar to acorn park from PSH just not exactly like ,also how about a nightclub like music unlimited or singstar from PSH or something like X7 something better than the dome you have now which is to small and looks boring ,something of a club with 2 tiers to it would be very good.

Playstation Home Suggested Public Spaces

Ever since the very talented developers added the nostalgic harbor studio remake into nebula realms the first thing that hit my mind it possible they could do a central plaza remake? I could only imagine how popular it would be amongst the community, specially that nostalgia. I'm sure it would bring in more traffic to the game. Of course this is all my opinion and something I would extremely like to see one day if it's possible :).

Edit: Post here any spaces from Playstation Home you would like the devs to recreate in Nebula Realms (All suggestions can only be similar to the space suggested due to copyrights and licensing)
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Konami Penthouse

In Ps home there was a space called Konami Penthouse if anyone remembers. Well, at this place it had the game DDR(dance dance revolution). There was a score board over by the bar that had like the top 10 highest in the region, in the month, in the week, and finally highest of the day. And after every game you would get a score and it would add up after every game. And after you get a certain amount of points you get a prize. I just really want a place like this with the game. It would be awesome if we could get the score board too. the prize thing isn't a must. The space doesn't have to be a penthouse area. Why not make it in an arcade time place. Like have a bunch of different games. I remember going to the mall when I was younger and going to the arcade and you got shooter game, pin ball, and ski ball. Also, there would be the racing games and next to that would be the DDR game. But of course make the DDR a giant dance floor like on home. Make it the main attraction of the space. I attached some pictures from Home for reference. I hope some people like my idea and it gets added.
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