Re: Playstation Home Suggested Public Spaces

I would like the Mall in Nebula I think is pretty cool to see peoples in mall buying stuff . And also its remind me great memories from PSHome 😍 .
Adventure District was nice too
Obviously the first Europe Square was the best and amazing ! 😍

In fact I would like all Sony's Spaces in Nebula, because I think Xaloc maybe has got an agreement with Sony for the rights of the Harbor Studio ? So Maybe they could add others Sony's Public spaces and private spaces ( I talk only about SCEE SCEA spaces). About spaces from others devs well I think its more difficult , unless they join Nebula and have an agreement with Xaloc .

Urban Area or Downtown District

Remember the playground in PlayStation Home ( the place with the ear damaging funk music ) that place was pretty cool to explore really had the nice setup for dance battles or hanging with friends. Would be awesome if they made a space similar to this. Could include a basketball minigame and even graffiti (for our rebellious side) maybe even skateboarding (could be a type of locomotion ) would be awesome to see this implemented.
It's on the house

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