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Assaultwarrior wrote:
Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:56 am
... is it possible they could do a Central Plaza remake?
Nostalgia is wonderful and all, but how many similar "plazas" do we really need? I think that if we are going to have more plazas, thet should all have diffetent themes that would make them unique from eachother.

This isn't a criticism of your suggestion, just my own personal opinion.
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This is absolutely Stargate-related! 8-) Of course I'm in! :D

Re: Playstation Home Suggested Public Spaces


Not my usual scene, but this does look cool. Definitely fits the futuristic theme of Nebula as well!
Maybe if I just casually talk about clubs and clubhouses here, they'll come out faster.

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Malikah_Trans_XX wrote:
Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:45 am
It would take a place like this in Nebula realms or have never bored and its would be fantastic of course it would be necessary for the games to be available in several languages, please do something in this style ! ... b394e2.jpg
Its a great idea i was thinking about that too . The only problem is the language for the questions and answers . Because some peoples dont understand very well english . If they make it one day, they will need some peoples to translate it in others languages . Buzz was really great i liked this game :) .

Re: Playstation Home Suggested Public Spaces

My favorites Public Spaces from Home that i would like to see in Nebula or kind of .

Irem Square ... k232hqSmVx

Irem Seaside Of Memories the best beach for me ... k232hqSmVx

Siren Lounge ... &index=68

The Midway ... k232hqSmVx

Red Bull Air Race ... k232hqSmVx

XI number 1 The best game made in Home so far . I hope one day Nebula will make something like that . ... x&index=35

Mall Number 1 was the best in my opinion . ... mVx&t=128s

Southern Island Hideaway ... k232hqSmVx

Edo ... k232hqSmVx

The Gamer's Lounge ... k232hqSmVx

The Playground ... k232hqSmVx

MuiMui Ship ... x&index=20

Hudson Gate ... k232hqSmVx

Sodium ... k232hqSmVx

The Prairie Public ... k232hqSmVx

Acorn Meadows Park ... &index=116

Aurora was good too .

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