So let’s talk about all of the hair options for a moment...

The hair options for female avatars that just came out, along with the ones that have been, aside from literally 2 hair options from the kawaii store, are frankly not really choice styles/ideas. This is my OPINION of course but, They do not look quality, again they aren’t normally shaped to the avatars head and for some reason they of course take on a shape that’s unnatural and would require a human to use unusual quantities of hair gel/spray to achieve if it were attempted.

I would suggest making hairstyles that are more natural in their aesthetic appeal, hairstyles that aren’t all strictly short hairstyles or “up-dos” and hairstyles that are actually casual looks (hair mantenance/unnatural shapes/up-dos typically aren’t casual). I’d like to personally see Longer, bunLESS hairstyles that don’t have all of the extra imbelishments. Hairstyles that are simple, chic and relatable. I would like to be able to say “I’d wear that style” and feel connected with the way the hair accents my personalized avatar.

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