Re: Who's your favourite singer and why

I don't really have a favorite artist per se. There are too many to like and they all change with the charts and mood, depending on who's got the latest hot track out.

I love pretty much most music genre's. Right now, I'm into a lot of dance, trance and dubstep. Female vocal tracks, mixes and samples. Of course, I always have love for rock, pop, hip hop and all the great classics. I have thousands of MP3's and a huge library of music, ranging in great diversity over the last 50 years.

Music is a major passion of mine, as it is one of the few things that can affect the mood, heart, mind and soul...depending on the lyrics and instrumental tone.

Re: Who's your favourite singer and why

Chaka Khan !
She always was (and will be forever) my absolutely favorite singer for all the time...
I love her voice - i feel happy when i hear her music...

Everyone knows her song "Ain't Nobody" - THE ORIGINAL SONG! (from 1983)

(and not the "new" horror-version remixed by Felix Jaehn from 2015...sung by Jasmine Thompson]
...there were some other singers [for example Diana King · 1995] that tried this song - but all of them are not as good like Chaka's Original... ;)

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