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Re: Clickable links

Hello, i was wondering if it was possible to make clickable website links in the chat, as i'm aware of the phishing risk, i think nebula should limit this to youtube/twitch links or similar trusted websites This would be a security risk and can leave us and Sony vulnerable to potential risks, not t...

Patch 1.38 is now live!

Hi, The new patch is up! Patch notes - Checkers game added - Chess game added - Tic Tac Toe game added - Stone Lake Castle Hall open (<--Checkers/Chess games are there!) - Stereo Shop update - Xmas event removed - General bug fixing Xaloc

Happy New Year! 2018 Goals ;)

Hi guys! Happy New Year! * We are back to work after winter holidays and we want to share with you all the goals that we have planned for 2018! * These are not following any particular order but you can expect decoration features and a huge performance improvement the first quarter of 2018 * Let's d...

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