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Patch 1.38 is now live!

Hi, The new patch is up! Patch notes - Checkers game added - Chess game added - Tic Tac Toe game added - Stone Lake Castle Hall open (<--Checkers/Chess games are there!) - Stereo Shop update - Xmas event removed - General bug fixing Xaloc

Happy New Year! 2018 Goals ;)

Hi guys! Happy New Year! * We are back to work after winter holidays and we want to share with you all the goals that we have planned for 2018! * These are not following any particular order but you can expect decoration features and a huge performance improvement the first quarter of 2018 * Let's d...

Patch 1.36 is now live!

Christmas patch is up! * Patch notes: - Added extra snow to Nexus - Xmas shop opened - Xmas event "Candy Exchanger" added (Free stuff here!) - Freezing Cold poses added - Improved shop UI flow - Chat window more opaque * HO HO HO!

Patch 1.35 is now live!

Winter has arrived at Nebula Realms! Come to visit the snowy plaza with the Xmas decorations up and throw some (or many) snowballs at your friends :) * Patch Notes: * - Added Xmas decorations to the plaza - Bow reward for female avatars fixed - Quiver reward fixed at 600 points score - Bowling space...

Patch 1.34 is now live!

The new patch is out! * Welcome to Stone Lake Castle * Patch Notes: - New public space "Stone Lake Castle" - Medieval Dance & Gestures - Archery game with rewards at Stone Lake Castle space - Ice Ring at Stone Lake Castle space - Content added (Medieval clothing) - Loading times improved / fixed - F...

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