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Re: 2018 TROPHY LIST Suggestions

-Obtain all Trophies (Platinum) -Log into Nebula (Bronze) -Go for a swim (Bronze) - Visit 5 spaces (Bronze) -Save an avatar (Bronze) -Use 5 different dances or poses (Bronze) -Purchase your first item (Bronze) -Spend some NP on an item (Silver) -Send a gift to a friend (Silver) -Play all three stag...

Re: Leaf Park Apartment

I'd also like it if they kept a version of the space as it is now if they plan on revamping it, simply because the current leaf park is the last remnant of Nebula Realms at its inception. I didn't care for the new Nexus and preferred the original, larger one. It would be a shame if there was nothing...

Re: Furniture

Oh wow....that's some of them. I loved that lamp! THANKS. Maybe it was another space... The one where we could fly around to different sections in the sky. I think in that case, you are indeed referring to the "Palace of the Seven Winds" space, which included a plethora of rewards. Here's all of th...

Re: Furniture

RiverCreek wrote:
Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:15 am

These are pieces I would love to see eventually come to NR when the time is right.

I will have to find some pics to demonstrate.
Here's those droids you were looking for River.
2017-12-11 21.40.28.jpg
2017-12-11 21.40.28.jpg (205.3 KiB) Viewed 349 times

Community Co-Op game(s)

I'd really like to see some game(s) that bring the community together as a whole to achieve rewards for all, as well as individual rewards. Here's some concepts for such games: - Treasure hunt throughout all the spaces, looking for elements that comprise a nebula (hydrogen, helium, etc). Similar to ...

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