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Re: outfit event

I've never heard about it so far! :O For those who don't have a FB account it's quite impossible to stay up to date! :/
Thank you for your post! :)

Re: more NP

Both Archery and Minigolf actually have NPs! :O Strange if you didn't received them so far!

Re: Can we have the store name displayed beside the item name in our wardrobe?

It would be enough having a double search shop... if you want to check by Shop, then you'll have the current division; if you're only looking for T-shirts, shoes and so on you'll have a T-shirt category, a shoes category etc. showing all the items in all the shops of the same category. ;)

Re: more NP

I'd suggest 10 NPs instead of 20 but for EACH game without restriction (i.e.: if I want to play only Darts, Pool and Minigolf I'll earn 30 NPs; if I play all the games I'll earn 70 NPs). Restriction can be a double-sided weapon: some users only log in to play Chrono Race, Flipper and Archery because...

Re: Nebula Realms Free Items List *UPDATED March 25, 2018*

Hey everyone, the main post has been updated with images. Plus I've changed the spelling of where the items are located. So instead of saying " Mask " it now says " Face Apparel " I'll be adding RAVE images on a later date due to the fact that some of them won't load or they where removed. I've als...

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