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Re: Is it possible to change the loading wheel to a progress bar (loading bar?)

Interesting Soul... I think with the progression of Nebula Realms, that's not going to be an issue or concern. We should be able to log into the game within' the amount of time needed just like any other game that is played on the PS4 console. Actually, I can log into Nebula Realms faster than one o...

Re: Movie Theater on Nebula

I would eventually (2019) love to see a public movie theater in Nebula Realms. Something where friends could go, dates could go, or the lonely could go, etc... with a movie theater atmosphere. It would show a monthly collection of short stories, advertising commercials for the new developers (such ...

Re: Popcorn Eating LMO

I love the popcorn eating LMO idea. It would be great standing around a circle of friends eating popcorn and thinking ones own thoughts.

Also, much better than champagne glasses that promote alcohol.

Great LMO for background character action for videos as well.

Thanks for the idea Timbers.

Re: Furniture


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